More Graves Mountain Pics

I have a few more pictures from the weekend at the Graves Mountain Festival of Music that I thought I’d throw onto the screen for you. In other music-making news, I’m working on “the chop” and lamenting that I did not inherit my mother’s long fingers.

These folks had the right idea. The stream ran right past the stage and the most clever of the bunch just put their chairs right into the water, while the rest of us baked on the lawn.

All the cool kids go to bluegrass concerts. Below is a picture from my friend Kartik of young Lily, rocking a Jo-jo cookies face. Organic chocolate, as we all know, doubles as both a healthy snack and stylish lipstick. You look marvelous, Lily.

Rhonda Vincent is sponsored by Martha White! Two of my worlds…colliding (although I’m more of a King Arthur gal, myself).

The picket fence kills me. Americana wrapped in a bow. Appropriate for Ralph, I suppose.

Peter Rowan played with Bill Monroe back in the day, though half his set felt for more psychedelic than string band.

Me and Bryce at the end of a long and lovely weekend.


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