New House, New Oven

We’re in the new house! And hence…I have the time again to do the things for which this blog is named!

When we bought our house, I knew the range already had two tricksy burners. What I wasn’t expecting was a non-functioning oven and a not-up-to-code gas line.

*heaves big home-ownership-lesson sigh*

But I’m very lucky that there are people in my life who love me enough to sponsor my need for a functioning oven in which to bake. I owe my new Kenmore Gas Range and Convection Oven to my Omi and Opa and my Uncle Chris–I have named burners in your honor.

I’ve baked with convection before and knew I wanted to make that upgrade, but I’m wondering if anyone out there knows any interesting convection secrets? If so…hit me!


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