Wow…you really don’t get a lot of time to blog during a baby’s first year unless it’s about…well…the baby. Anyway, I’m poking my nose out from my long hibernation too just turn your attention to a cool new food blog started by a friend of mine called She’s embarking on a glutenless lifestyle for her health and sharing the fun of her discoveries with the world.

And if you want more from me…er…wait until the kid turns 1. 😉


One thought on “

  1. Cool beans.

    Food and kids… man… between the allergy concerns for one of the twins (still uncertain, and they won’t even test until he’s one), his problem taking a bottle or eating while out of the house (which is often, since it’s for sale), the incredibly picky eating of the 5 year old… I hope you have better luck than we do!

    Then again, my brother’s a total foodie and they seem to be doing fine with their young kid so far, so maybe we just screwed up somewhere.

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