Proper dredging technique


Social Media Strategy in a nutshell

I’m going to drop one of these gems into my communications plan for the next FY. And. No. One. Will. Question. It.  Ah, social media. My husband’s 90-year-old grandfather just got a Facebook account. Cool for him. Fun for us. But has his customer experience has been maximized? Is the brand alive for him?

Good grief.

If you care about social media, or don’t give a rat’s arse, read Eat Sleep Social. Insightful dude.

Giant cookie

I’ve done more baking in the last month than I’ve done in a year. Blame the baby. But now that I’m catching up again, here’s another from a recent spate of cookery…the GIANT cookie made as a birthday cake for my husband.

Fresh from the oven, placed beside "The Cake Bible" for scale.

So so easy, and so much fun. Use the standard Tollhouse cookie recipe, but instead of butter, use butter-flavored shortening. I like the Crisco ones that come in bricks because one brick equals the 1 cup of butter you need. Using shortening means the cookie is more prone to rise rather than spread. And you want this cookie to rise!

Other tweaks: I used both dark and milk chocolate chips for a little texture variety in the chips and scaled back a bit on the walnuts for fear of it tasting too dry (wasn’t an issue). I also added a shot of bourbon, and was heavy handed with the vanilla. It gave the cake a more adult dimension, for lack of a better word.

To eat? Grab a pizza cutter and a big glass of milk.

Googling “dark chocolate cake”

I’m making a wedding cake for a dear family friend and her fiance.  I was feeling unimpressed with the chocolate cake recipes of the past, so I Googled “dark chocolate cake.” Turns out this one from All Recipes has been tried by some 22,000 people. It’s a 4 1/2-star cake with 850+ reviews. Who am I to turn my nose up?

Glad I didn’t. This is one yummy chocolate cake and, as many comments note, even better after a night in the fridge. Meaning it’s perfect for a wedding cake that must be baked a day or so in advance.

Here’s the raw data from a test run: