If one must define oneself, let it be through the things one loves best. In my case, speaking through the mediums of words, food and music.

WRITER: A communications and public relations strategist, writer and editor since 1999, I currently work for an environmental/transportation non-profit in Washington, D.C., attempting to change the face–and figure–of America through trail, bicycle and pedestrian advocacy and infrastructure. I also freelance for a variety of businesses, and offer pro bono services to causes in which I believe. When not writing for my supper, I write for the joy of it.

BAKER: A 20-week Fundamentals of Pastry Technique course at L’Academie de Cuisine was a delight, and serving as a class assistant for an additional semester solidified my “joy of baking.” I now lovingly make celebration cakes for dear friends and family, though my heart ultimately belongs to simple bread puddings and no-fuss flourless tortes. 

MUSIC MAKER: After 15 years of singing and acting (followed by a decade-long break), I took up the mandolin in 2007, determined to finallly learn how to play an instrument. My goals are simple: play passably within social circles and make my daughter dance. 

Should you be interested in securing my services for any of the above (though a betting man would stay clear of that last one), you can contact me at:


2 thoughts on “Author

  1. Jen, thank you again for stopping by my blog. Wow, I am impressed by your talents – you have so many of them! Great knowing you! I just subscribed to you to read your very interesting posts. Off to explore your space some more:)

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