Fermented Gummi Worms

Found this at the beach house we’re staying in, tucked away. I have no idea if this was deliberate or not, but someone is cooking themselves a batch of Gummi Worm Moonshine. Fermented revulsion!




Wow…you really don’t get a lot of time to blog during a baby’s first year unless it’s about…well…the baby. Anyway, I’m poking my nose out from my long hibernation too just turn your attention to a cool new food blog started by a friend of mine called glutenless.me. She’s embarking on a glutenless lifestyle for her health and sharing the fun of her discoveries with the world.

And if you want more from me…er…wait until the kid turns 1. 😉

Shake Speare

Again…another off-topic post. But I think that’s what comes of trying to buy a house–all regularly scheduled activities fall to the wayside whilst you navigate the anxiety-ridden world of mortgages, contract negotiations and home inspections.

But, in lieu of my usual playtime, here is a little piece of creativity I made for my husband’s stage combat business. He did the conceptualizing; I did the fiddling.

Theres bloody good fun to be had in Caseys stage combat classes.

There's bloody good fun to be had in Casey's Shakespeare stage combat classes.

OT Post: A Kitten Needs A Home

This is completely off topic for me, but I wanted to get the word out about a very sweet little kitten that *needs a home.

She has showed up on the doorstep with a sweet disposition and a surprisingly brave constitution. She’s probably 5 weeks old or so. She comes when you whistle for her…lopes right on up to you with a little meow. Plays a bit, but mostly just likes to be cuddled. We haven’t taken her to the vet yet, but will likely do that next week just to get her checked out. If you think you might want to *adopt her, contact me.

*I will only give this kitten to people I know personally. If you read this blog but you’re not a “real life” friend or family member, I simply can’t entertain the idea. Not all people in this world look at animals the same way I do. Thanks for your understanding.

For scale…kitten v. foot; kitten v. hand.

So cute!

Deadlines Are For Day Jobs

I’ve come to the conclusion that everything in my working writing-life is about deadlines — be they printers, editors, designers or mail shops. I’ve also come to the conclusion that much of my personal writing-life is also deadline driven — be it for classes, person edification or novel (meant literally) ambition.

The last thing I need is for my blog to stress me out, too. So I’m scrapping the Monday/Thursday/Saturday rotation and moving toward a more fluid outlook. How annoying it was to have something to say about baking on a Friday, but believe that I couldn’t write about it until a week later?

So as I tinker with how I want this blog to look and what I want to accomplish, I’m putting the word out there that I’ll be blogging regularly on-topic, but without fear of an errant music post on a Monday or a suppressed writing post until its assigned day. That kind of dedication and adherence to a schedule, my friends, is for paying gigs.

And so it begins…

Welcome, one and al—

Well, actually, it’s probably just welcome…one. Maybe two, on a good day. “One-and-all” is a goal to which I can aspire. For now, welcome to whoever stumbles across this blog wherein I intend to babble on three main themes: writing, baking and music making. The rule of three apparently applies to my hobbies as well as to adjectives, ingredients and news sources.

On this blog you can expect to read about what I’m writing about (Mondays), what I’m baking or hoping to bake (Thursdays), and the music I’m learning to make (Saturdays)—which will generally encompass tips, tarts and tantrums. (You’ll learn that I love alliteration. You’ll learn that I love anaphora. You’ll learn that I love a bad language-usage joke.)

All that said, expect the first post when the bell tolls Thursday! (My bad jokes appear to extend into literature, too.) It’ll be Baking Thursday on WriterBakerMusicMaker—I stopped at a chocolate factory this weekend, and where chocolate appears, good things follow.