OT Post: A Kitten Needs A Home

This is completely off topic for me, but I wanted to get the word out about a very sweet little kitten that *needs a home.

She has showed up on the doorstep with a sweet disposition and a surprisingly brave constitution. She’s probably 5 weeks old or so. She comes when you whistle for her…lopes right on up to you with a little meow. Plays a bit, but mostly just likes to be cuddled. We haven’t taken her to the vet yet, but will likely do that next week just to get her checked out. If you think you might want to *adopt her, contact me.

*I will only give this kitten to people I know personally. If you read this blog but you’re not a “real life” friend or family member, I simply can’t entertain the idea. Not all people in this world look at animals the same way I do. Thanks for your understanding.

For scale…kitten v. foot; kitten v. hand.

So cute!