Googling “dark chocolate cake”

I’m making a wedding cake for a dear family friend and her fiance.  I was feeling unimpressed with the chocolate cake recipes of the past, so I Googled “dark chocolate cake.” Turns out this one from All Recipes has been tried by some 22,000 people. It’s a 4 1/2-star cake with 850+ reviews. Who am I to turn my nose up?

Glad I didn’t. This is one yummy chocolate cake and, as many comments note, even better after a night in the fridge. Meaning it’s perfect for a wedding cake that must be baked a day or so in advance.

Here’s the raw data from a test run:


The Ladybug Express

Now that would be a charming name for a rail line, don’t you think? But alas, it is only a cake. In this case, one I made for a baby shower.

The theme: ladybugs. The components: strawberry biscuit roulade outer layer; three layer of pound cake; white chocolate cream cheese filling; fresh strawberries; covered in vanilla fondant. Or: 16 eggs, 2 pounds of butter, 2 pounds of cream cheese, 1.5 pounds of white chocolate…shall I continue?

I’ll let the pictures speak for the process, save for a little captioning:

First, the finished product

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Choco-Pan v. Satin Ice?

So anyone out there have opinions on the virtues of Choco-Pan v. Satin Ice? I’m talking fondant here: the Play-Doh-like substance that covers wedding cakes so nicely and allows people like me — who turn Italian buttercream into a baby vomit-like substance right out of the gate — to actually decorate a cake with some measure of confidence. It’s what you see on virtually every “cake challenge” on the Food Network. It’s what allows Duff of Charm City Cakes to make such outrageous edible art.

Here’s one of my own fondant-covered creations:

I’m starting my ingrediant-gathering for a ladybug cake. And since black is among the most difficult of colors to get right, I’m going to buy the fondant pre-colored. I’ve been a Choco-Pan girl from the start, but I might only be able to get Satin Ice for the black. Anyone have strong opinons on the taste, workability or outcome? If so, please comment.

****Read my conclusion on the Choco v. Satin debate!