If Spring Won’t Come to Me…

I’ve lived in this general southern Mid-Atlantic region my entire life, and therefore I’m well aware that March is a piteous month. Indecisively running hot and cold in 24-hour increments, it’s the petulant 14-year-old of the annual calendar. My volunteer daffodils might have boldly bloomed yesterday, but it’s too cold today to bother going outside to cut them. And even more annoying, this year the Easter eggs, pastel dresses and chocolate bunnies are smack in the middle of this fickle-fest!

Where is the spring that late I wished would have sprung?

But rather than get too down about the lack of sun on my face and flowers in my hair, I decided to create my own “place-holder spring” until the real one gets its act together. I’ve pulled together pictures from a trip I took with my family last May to Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island, BC, wherein we were swallowed whole by so many pansies and tulips and mums that I didn’t even know where to begin pointing my camera. This is evident when you check out the shots, as there is very little self-editing going on with the album.

Check it out, if you need a dose of sunshine for this Easter weekend: (click the image)

(Extra points if you actually know the names of the flowers in the pictures and would like to comment and help me caption!)