The Perils of Spellcheck

I never knew having a husband in pursuit of a PhD could be so much fun. No, I’m not referring to the long hours, pathetic pay and servitude to professors. I’m referring to the student papers he brings home to grade. Two words: Hil. Arious.

Now I’ve certainly written some laughably bad lines in my time. And homonyms will always plague me. But it’s the reliance on spellcheck that produces the most brilliant of gaffs, none funnier than the following…and needless to say, every mistake is “[sic]”:

“This also means that the best stage for the performance to be performed on is a perineum arch that way the audience is able to see the action directly straight on for a circle stage would only block the audience from key points of the plays action and make it unable for them to view the performance all together.”

Oh, dear.

Here is what our young, anatomically incorrect writer was going for:

A Proscenium Arch:

And let’s not even discuss how badly she needed to lapse into a comma. 😉

There’s our humor for the day. Beware the perineum arch.