Deadlines Are For Day Jobs

I’ve come to the conclusion that everything in my working writing-life is about deadlines — be they printers, editors, designers or mail shops. I’ve also come to the conclusion that much of my personal writing-life is also deadline driven — be it for classes, person edification or novel (meant literally) ambition.

The last thing I need is for my blog to stress me out, too. So I’m scrapping the Monday/Thursday/Saturday rotation and moving toward a more fluid outlook. How annoying it was to have something to say about baking on a Friday, but believe that I couldn’t write about it until a week later?

So as I tinker with how I want this blog to look and what I want to accomplish, I’m putting the word out there that I’ll be blogging regularly on-topic, but without fear of an errant music post on a Monday or a suppressed writing post until its assigned day. That kind of dedication and adherence to a schedule, my friends, is for paying gigs.