A “Noble” Attempt

I went cabin-camping last week with some friends (I note “cabin-camping” because it’s important to distinguish when one is camping with or without walls, as that has a great impact on one’s mindset at the outset), and my dear friend Bryce brought along his guitar. I brought my mandolin. He’s been taking lessons for about a year now and was kind enough to school me — enough to put together this roughed-out version of Edelweiss (edel: noble, weiƟ : white). If you sing along, you can almost tell what the heck I’m playing, especially when I get my groove on transitioning to the bridge. Here are the lyrics to help:

Edelweiss, Edelweiss
Every morning you greet me
Small and white, clean and bright
You look happy to meet me

Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow
Bloom and grow forever

Edelweiss, Edelweiss
Bless my homeland forever

Incidentally, Bryce makes the strings ache when he plays “The Wings” from Brokeback Mountain. It was all the better for the fire in the cast iron stove.